Lit Scenes
Componist Jesse Passenier liet voor het project Lit Scenes zijn filmische muziek vertalen naar beeld. De muziek, gespeeld door Fluid Orchestra ft. Dudok Kwartet, vertolkt scènes uit de natuur, die staan voor diepere emoties en ervaringen. Deze rode draad wordt door de live visuals zichtbaar gemaakt.
LIT SCENES is a suite for an 8-piece orchestra with scenes from nature, symbolising human emotions
Romantic Contemporary Chamber Jazz
This is a concert preview with a compilation of 6 from the 10 parts.
0:13 String Quartet No. 1 | Movement I: The Zest
1:32 String Quartet No. 1 | Movement II: Beyond the Summit
4:51 String Quartet No. 1 | Movement III: After the Rain
6:48 String Quartet No. 1 | Movement IV: The Collapse
10:31 Works for Octet | Wild Waters
14:55 Works for Octet | Gilded Sand
With compositions for string quartet as well as compositions for octet, Passenier tells personal stories, using scenes from nature to symbolise human emotions. By collaborating with Anne Gentenaar, his musical ideas come to life in the world of moving images: an abstract wild life film is the result, all mixed live on stage.
The Suite LIT SCENES consists out of two parts, one of which is String Quartet No.1. This composition is performed by the renowned Dudok Quartet, part of The Fluid Orchestra in this production. This composition shows influences out of the jazz big band tradition and clear links to Ligeti, Bartók and Ravel.
In the second part of the Suite, the string quartet is joined by four other musicians, playing flute, Moog Synth played by EWI (electric wind driven instrument), piano and double bass. This part is filled to the brim with romance and lyrical melodies, packed in colourful harmonies and atmospheres, that are alternated with tense moments and vivid rhythms.
Bart Van Caenegem - Piano
Matthias Akeo Nowak - Double Bass
Maarten Reumkens - Flute
Marc Alberto - EWI and Moog Synth
Judith van Driel - Violin
Marleen Wester - Violin
Mark Mulder - Viola
David Faber - Cello
Composed and conducted by Jesse Passenier
Camera work of the live visuals by 
Anne Gentenaar & Martin Boverhof
VJ performance by Anne Gentenaar
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